My experience with "Part of Me"


I say to myself super fan of Katy Perry…
But, how is possible that i don’t ever seen her movie before?
A couple of hours ago, i had a headache and i tried to asleep but i remembered that could see "Part of Me", a movie that i wanted to see for a long time ago.

This movie, talks about the life of Katy Perry and as she was able to stand out and have success in her career. Simply her artistic story is very exciting, she’s a very humble person, very human but what more surprised me is that really does what she advises in her songs. She follow her own advice!

She says that we should, above all, fighting for our dreams and she did it!. Just remember that you’re a firework!
The story led me from laughter to tears and hence widely recommend it (especially to those who hate to Katy).

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